Cricut is a smart cutting machine that is mainly used for home crafters to cut and design certain items. These items include vinyl, paper, and fabric and sometimes even harder materials such as mat board leather and sometimes even wood. It comes in many models like the Explore One, Explore Air and Maker. The main difference between these models is their size, materials you can cut, and the devices you can use to control them.

Design space is a companion app that works hand in hand with some Cricut models like the maker, and explore to offer a platform where you could design projects and custom designs from scratch. Cricut and Design space work in tandem to bring about what we know as Cricut Design Space. Below we shall be highlighting different places that you could find free fonts for Cricut.

Font bundles is one of the best places to find free fonts. They usually have free events that offer up to six free fonts for Cricut every day. But in any case that they do not have free events, you can navigate to the fonts section where you can get them every time for you to download. This site is popularly known for saving its customers vast amounts of cash, and they have even gone ahead to offer free fonts with new ones being added to the site each week. All you need to do to enjoy instant downloads to your device is simply sign up for an account. In this section, first-time customers can even sample other premium fonts for free before they purchase them in case they want to.

Font bundle categorizes them into regular, script, logo, foreign, symbols, and other fonts for quick and more straightforward navigation. One feature that makes this such a great site is its commercial license on freebies. This means if you decide to use a particular free font, let’s say on a shirt, you can sell the shirt at a profit with no legal implications by the company. This feature alone makes this site stand out and very important if you think about selling your crafts. Downloading is relatively easy. Simply click on the add to account button. If you don’t have an account yet, you will be asked to set one up.


Dafont is arguably the most popular places to get fonts because they have nearly every font you could think of. However, it is essential to note that most fonts found here are only free for personal use. This means that they do not offer a commercial license, and hence, using the fonts for profit-making is not allowed. The fonts here are typically grouped in five main categories, which include Serif, Sans Serif, Script, Decorative, and vintage.

What makes this a popular site is the fact that a majority of font makers typically create a free version of their font and upload them here in order to get exposure. Additionally, there is a custom preview box that allows you to see what a particular word is going to look like in a pre-selected style font. This avoids time wastage in downloads of fonts that you will eventually not like. You can take advantage of this and enjoy what they have to offer. Downloading on this site is straight forward and can be done by a click of a button. The download can be done on both Windows and Mac OS.

Creative Market

Creative Market also has a wide range of fonts to use. Once you land on their home page, you will be asked to sign in and get fonts offers. If not, they do have a Get free goods category just above their logo. This site offers up to six free goods and fonts, so you have to log in every week to see the available offers. Unlike some websites, not all fonts have a commercial license. You will have to look at each item to see what kind of permit you are getting with it. Some of the font categories include Black letter, Sans Serif, Slab Serif, Display, Script, Nonwestern, and Serif. Downloading is also relatively easy by just clicking on the Free download button and following the resultant steps.

Creative Fabrica

The Creative Fabrica site does daily freebies on fonts, which is a good deal. However, it is essential to note that you will be forced to log in every day to view the font offers of that particular day. Not all fonts in this site have commercial licenses; this means you will have to confirm on every font whether it is for personal or commercial use. Downloading does not break a sweat as you simply have to hit the download button and follow the subsequent steps.

The Hungry Jpeg

The Hungry Jpeg is a fantastic place to get a wide range of fonts all in one place. The many font bundles include a commercial license that is significant for users who wish to make some profit on one or two items they make. Hungry Jpeg will also email you their freebies to keep you updated on their generous offers.

How to install downloaded fonts on Cricut Design Space onto your computer

Once you download the font you desire, you first have to open the zip file. This can be done by simply double-clicking it. All fonts typically come in two types, which are OpenType and True Type. OpenType was originally developed by Adobe and had a more extensive character set typically. Some fonts come with lots of glyphs making this the best type to open this type of fonts. The majority of the time, TrueType is the one that is available and has a basic set of characters. Once you unzip the folder, all you have to do now is click on the install button placed on different locations depending on whether you are using Windows or Mac OS.


Using one of the options we’ve covered in this post, you’re sure to find a great free font that you can use with your Cricut Vinyl Cutter.