Cricut is a brand of automated cutting machines, or vinyl cutters, that are used for home crafting projects by those who like to make things with their own hands in the comfort and convenience of their own home, saving time, money, hassle and miscommunication.

A wide variety of materials may be worked with, though for this article we will be focusing on the blades used to cut the material. To achieve the desired results for specific projects, different cutting blades, which are themselves compatible with certain Cricut cutters, can be used in a way that allows you to accommodate a variety of different sizes and fulfill a plethora of different patterns and designs for any home project, big or small.

Creating your own ideal project is as simple as putting in and maintaining the desired blades, giving the machine the right commands, and then letting it bring your creation to life right before your very eyes, much like a 3D printer would. This delegation of labor will allow you to attain not only machine-like precision for your project but also work alongside the software to create something perhaps even greater than one might be able to by one’s own hand alone. This in particular is a trusted brand that even the famous Martha Steward has enjoyed using, and can, like a smartphone lets one integrate many of the functions of daily life into something right in their hands, allow you to create new projects or touch up old ones, streamlining all the steps of individual projects from start to finish or even completing several separate ones in a parallel fashion to each other. Becoming familiar with the technology does require some getting used to, but is certainly doable, and can pay off immensely in the time saved and quality maintained.

Cricut Maker Blades

Cricut Maker

The Cricut Maker is a cutting machine that has five available cutting blades and housings with it, along with one other additional compatible tool. Namely, these consist of the rotary and knife blades, the scoring wheel, the double scoring wheel, the premium fine point, deep point and the bonded fabric blades.

Rotary Blades

The rotary blades with drive housing have a gliding and rolling action that cuts through almost any material with great speed and precision, and too without any need for any backer material. Nonetheless, it is recommended to use the rotary blades with the patented FabricGrip mat, which is made of denser and stronger materials that can endure the rotary’s strong cutting pressures. The drive housing for the rotary blade is sold with a plastic covering on the gear on top of it, which is recommended to be kept in its place during the cutting process in order to prevent unintended materials to get caught in the mechanism.

Knife Blades

The knife blades with drive housing are ideal for cutting through thicker materials quickly and safely with moderate details. Moving the roller bar’s star wheels at the side can help prevent track marks from forming on the materials. As with the rotary blades, the drive housing that comes with the knife blades must be used with it, and it is once again recommended to keep on the plastic cover to keep unwanted things from getting stuck in the machine.

Scoring & Double Scoring Wheel

The scoring wheel and double scoring wheel, again with the mandatory drive housing, were specially designed for the Cricut vinyl cutter machines. They can apply more pressure and can make creases and folds of high quality in almost any material, particularly in vinyl. As their names suggest, the scoring wheel makes one deep score line in a variety of light and uncoated materials, while the double scoring wheel makes two of them parallel to each other, ideal in coated and heavier materials. The QuickSwap housing allows you to easily change the tip with just the push of a button. The drive housing is required here as it is with the aforementioned products.

Premium Fine Point Blades

The premium fine point blades, once named the German Carbide Premium blades, and housing can be used to make intricate cuts on thin materials and those of medium thickness such as vinyl. It is made of a strong steel that makes it very resistant to wear and tear so that it can last and be used for a long time without reduction in efficiency and quality. This blade type is also compatible with the Explore cutting machine family. These are rather easy to identify in stores due to their red or white protective caps. The premium fine point blade is either silver or gold in color and must be used with the premium fine point blade housing but can be used also with the bonded fabric blade housing.

Deep Point Blades

The deep point blades and housing use a steeper angle and harder and more durable metal to perform cuts on a wide variety of materials and thicknesses with no sacrifice in accuracy and precision. These blades, along with the premium fine point blades and housing, are also compatible with the Explore cutting machine family.

Bonded Fabric Blades

Last but certainly not least, the bonded fabric blades and housing have the same functionality as the premium fine point blades and housing, but with a distinctive pink color to match the cutting mat and help distinguish it from other blades, thus ensuring it is used solely for bonded fabrics in order to make it last longer. It too is Explore machine compatible, as with the previous two vinyl cutter blades. Additionally, it can be great for more precise cuts needed on fabrics with backers that are ironed on.

Cricut Explore, Explore One, Explore Air & Explore Air 2 Blades

Cricut Explore

Cricut Personal, Create, Expression, Expression 2 & Imagine Blades

The Personal, Create, Expression, Expression 2, and Imagine cutting machines altogether use three interchangeable and compatible blades.

Fine Point

The fine point or standard replacement blades are identifiable by their green or gray protective caps. The accompanying standard blade housing, out of whatever material it may be made, is going to be green in color.

Deep Cut

The deep cut blades have a steeper angle of 60 rather than 45 degrees that allows them to cut effortlessly through thick materials. They are kept in the shorter housing, identifiable in stores by its blue color to match the blue protective caps of the deep cut blades they accompany. The scoring tip and housing, as suggested by the name, are ideal for when you want to make score lines instead of cutting fabrics.

Cake & Cake Mini Blades

Cricut Cake Vinyl Cutter

Cake Blade and Housing

The Cake and the Cake Mini machines used namesake blades and silicone housing protected against food particle buildup and were great for use with food items, though the manufacture of these products have been discontinued until further notice.


Cricut Vinyl Cutters offer a wide array of cutting blades to fit any project. Which is your favorite blade?