The world of Iron On Vinyl can be hard to navigate when you’re first beginning to use your vinyl cutting machine to make your creative ideas come to life. Iron On Vinyl, also known as Heat Transfer Vinyl or HTV, is a type of vinyl that is specifically made for adhering to different fabrics and other surfaces.

Heat Transfer Vinyl can be cut out using a Cricut or other vinyl cutting machine and then layered onto materials such as T-shirts, metal or plastic drink cups, notebooks, book bags, pillow cases, wooden hangars and much more. Vinyl makes it easy to customize items or just glam them up with a cute decal.

Iron On Vinyl comes in many different textures. Try anything from a glow in the dark material to glitter, 3D puff, flocked and more. Typically vinyl comes in a single color either in a sheet or on a roll. Your vinyl cutter might even have a spot on the back to hold a full roll. This will allow you to easily cut multiple projects quickly and easily with the handy roll-holder feature.

There are many brands to choose from, so here are a few pros and cons about some of the top brands available on the market today. If you’re going to make a custom shirt or a cute accessory you want to make sure the product you are using is going to last and is going to be good to work with so that you can enjoy the process of making your project.

Cricut Brand

This is a brand that is well known and trusted and is an easy choice for beginners to look into because it is specifically calibrated to your Cricut cutting machine. This makes it a natural fit for anyone looking to start trying vinyl crafts. They have a wide variety colors and specialty textures that gives you many options for your HTV project.

They have two main types available to purchase, heat-based or an adhesive-backed. Choosing the right one for your project and the tools you have on hand is very important so be sure to look to see which one you are purchasing so you have the right one for your needs. They have single rolls, bulk rolls and samplers so being able to select the amount for what you need is a great bonus in purchasing this brand.

This is a great brand that is easy to use and is definitely a great option, especially if you are cutting on a Cricut cutting machine.

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Siser is one of the best known vinyl suppliers in the United States and has a great reputation that is only backed up by their great selection of products. They have a wide variety of regular colors and a few fluorescent colors. Unfortunately they don’t have as many specialty types available as some of the other brands available for purchase.

However, this brand makes a fantastic product that is thin, flexible, and easy to weed out the parts of the cut design that you won’t be transferring. Being so thin allows it to hold up better in the long run, through multiple washes.

Siser has samplers, sheets, and full rolls available for sale as well which is fantastic when trying to decide on the right color for your project. Siser is compatible with all cutting machines. It also requires less pressure and heat to apply which can be very beneficial depending on the type of material that you are putting your design onto.

While some people have complained that the Siser brand can be hard to work with, overall it is well-liked and it is worth the extra practice to have your product looking beautiful for years to come.

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Fame Crafts

Fame Crafts HTV is another brand that is popular with users. Similar to the Siser, it is also very thin and lightweight, making it very easy to work with. It is extremely durable, holding up well after being washed and dried on apparel. The Fame brand is pressure and heat sensitive, allowing you to weed and apply intricate designs on various materials.

While Fame has a lot of great color choices, unfortunately they do not have rolls available to consumers. A pro of the brand is that you can purchase their sampler bundle and get a wide array of popular and beautiful colors to aid you in picking their right color for your project. Overall this is a great brand to use for smaller projects or anything that is more detailed in nature.

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Rozzy has only a few colors available, but again, they are in a sampler pack which makes testing out different colors very easy. Another lightweight brand that is great for durability and will hold up to several washings, although it is recommended that you let the project set for 24 hours before washing any garment onto which it is applied.

Rozzy’s product is very soft which will make wearing any item of clothing made with it to be very comfortable. It is also great for those intricate designs that have a lot of thin lines or details. Rozzy also features an adhesive layer that helps your design keep its shape as you are weeding out the negative of your design.

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Angel Crafts

Angel Crafts Vinyl

Angel Crafts has a few things going for it. First off, they have rolls and sheets available for you to purchase, leaving you with more options for larger projects you have in mind. While it doesn’t have as many color options as some brands, the 16 colors they do have are each gorgeous.

Angel Crafts is pressure sensitive so if you are just starting out, this might be a great option so that you don’t have to invest in a heat tool to begin creating your vinyl masterpieces. Like many other brands, Angel Crafts is thin and long-lasting which is a great advantage. One very popular feature about this brand is that it is less messy than other brands, leaving behind no sticky residue after applying your design.

The Angel Crafts 16 pack also comes with a free Teflon sheet to help you apply your designs and to protect it from coming into contact with too much heat during the application process. Angel Crafts also offers a generous 30 day return policy. This is a brand that is willing to stand behind their great product.

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Best Iron On Vinyl

These are only a few of the many options that are available in the craft world. Depending on your cutting machine, your project and your preferences, you may need to try out a few different brands until you find the one that is your favorite. Each brand has its own feel, with several pros and cons. Ultimately, keep an eye out for the quality of your projects and the ease with which you are able to work with it and you will have found the best fit for your creative ideas!