When you first start out with scrapbooking, the terms that are used by the scrapbook companies and ‘professional’ scrapbook experts may seem daunting to you. You would be wise to understand some of the more important terms to make the craft supplies that you buy and how to use them more productive.

Once you have spent the time creating your scrapbook work of art, the last thing that you would want happen is it not to last long into the future.

Your choice of supplies that you buy for your project will determine how well and long your scrapbook last in the future.

Acid based supplies should be avoided, as it causes your scrapbook materials to deteriorate much quicker. Acid based solvents and glues should also not be used.

PVC based materials also lead to quicker decay of scrapbook materials over time and so you should avoid buying any materials or products for your project that contain PVC bases.

You skin on your hands and fingers contain traces of acid and if you do not wash them thoroughly beforehand, your scrapbook becomes coated in the residue and will consequently age and deteriorate more quickly.

Like any project, once you have the general idea of what you want to produce, you will assemble the parts and materials that will make up your final design. In scrapbooking, this is called the ‘layout’.

Your images, photos and shapes are ‘mounted’ into position with a number of different fixing materials including adhesive backing and glues.

Double mounts are where you actually fix the photo or image onto a double thickness backing, usually to form some form of height perspective or merely as an added design dimension.

Die cutting the different shapes, fonts and images used to be a real chore, but now there are some home based machines that allow you to have top end cut outs at really outstanding levels of detail.

Some of the die cutting machines are computer based, which is great if you have a computer and are quite comfortable using the added software to improve the functionality even further.

There are also some computer independent die cutting machines which means that they are used as a separate machine and provide all of the functionality and capability within the unit itself.

Die cutting machine cartridges are the add-ons that you buy in addition to the machine to expand the variety of images, shapes and text indefinitely. The cartridges are based around a theme and you can simply choose whichever one matches the project design that you are intending to create.

Having collected all of the pieces of your final scrapbook together for final build, the different pieces are known as ‘embellishment’.

The main title of the scrapbook project is known as the header and this is really the key in encapsulating the ideas and aims of the entire finished scrapbook.

Page refers to all of those pieces of your project that exclude the photos. These additional pieces are usually used to compliment and set off the photo main image.

People often use memorabilia to design and produce a scrapbook that houses precious memories of the past. All of the different elements acting as reminders of these events are known as memorabilia.

There are so many people that are actively scrapbooking today that you will never be far away from a likeminded individual that can help you along the way.

The internet scrapbooking clubs are growing so much these days that many new and experienced scrapbooking enthusiasts are helpfully sharing ideas and new discoveries as well as acting as a great resource for new scrapbooking people.