Are you frustrated with the Cricut DesignStudio software? It’s great software, and a great tool for the Cricut, but sometimes it can be confusing with all the options it offers. The manual is fine for the basics of installing and setup, but leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the “How Do I” questions we all have. Once we have it installed, we are anxious to put those ideas we have into reality, and then get bogged down in trying to figure out what to click, where to slide, who to rotate… I’m sure you know what I mean.

Editor’s Note: DesignStudio is an older software that is not compatible with newer Cricut machines.

I know when I ‘think’ I have it figured out, insert my paper, and waste another sheet of good stock I get a little… well…. peeved to put it mildly. The process of getting what’s in my head onto the screen and finally into a finished cut can be costly if the ‘trial and error’ method is used.

Luckily, I came across a wonderful resource that is like ‘the missing Cricut DesignStudio Manual‘. It’s an ebook written by Brandi Gore, who currently works and teaches classes at a local scrapbook store, as well as teaching classes every year at the Creating Keepsakes Scrapbooking Convention. She was getting a lot of questions about the Cricut, and the DesignStudio in  particular, so she decided she had better learn more about it to be able to answer all those questions.

It didn’t take her long to become frustrated with trying to figure out this, then that, and every time she got stuck she would have to put her scrapbooking on hold while she scoured the internet looking for an answer to the problem and a bit of trial and error to boot.

She finally acquired enough experience to feel confident enough about answering her customers questions, and teaching a class on it. The first couple classes sold out, and she had to add more to keep up with the demand.

She then wondered if putting together a video would be helpful, and the response from her classes was a resounding “YES”! So she put together some videos, wrote out everything she learned, and thus her ‘Learning the Cricut DesignStudio‘ package was born.

It not only includes a well written eBook that will show you not only how to save money by not ruining paper with “trial cuts”, but also how to use your time to actually create, not “figure out” how to make the cuttings you need. You will feel confident showcasing your precious moments by using her advanced techniques, and avoid hours of frustration and research by using the step by step video tutorials.

The package includes her newly released ebook, the Cricut Design Studio “manual” that includes step by step screenshots and directions to the techniques you must know to be a successful Design Studio user. If that isn’t enough- she gives you nearly a FULL HOUR of video tutorials where she shows you every step of the designing and cutting process.

I know when I went through it all I was amazed at the wealth of USEFUL information that was provided. Brandi has really over delivered in this product. I was able to put a number of the things she shows into my projects immediately and get great results, THE FIRST TIME!

If there was anything missing or lacking in this product, I would have to say it would be hard to find. It’s clear, easy to read, with screenshots, and the video just makes it all the better. As a bonus she even includes a a Quick Reference Guide to the Shortcuts and Tips You Need Close at Hand. You can print out this sheet and you will be able to quickly find the shortcuts you need to make creating with Design Studio a faster, more enjoyable process.