It’s easy to make diy faux leather earrings with a Cricut machine. There are many places to buy faux leather for diy earrings, but one of the most accessible places is Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby makes so many colors and designs of faux leather for your next earrings diy. You can find this faux leather for your next earring diy project or hair bow diy by looking in the ribbon section of Hobby Lobby. The faux leather comes on a spool and is actually called faux leather ribbon, under the brand name The Ribbon Boutique. The leather retails at $4.99 but they have promotions every couple of weeks, promoting the diy earrings faux leather for 50 percent off.

There are lots of great designs and a lot patterns of this faux leather at a great price, making a Cricut earrings project affordable. But sometimes this faux leather can be tricky to cut on the Cricut machines. The thickness of the material varies between designs, making settings inconsistent. Some are pretty thin, while others are thicker.

This video share tips and tricks to cutting the Hobby Lobby faux leather ribbon. There’s nothing worse than a Cricut project gone wrong, and I definitely experienced many challenges with Hobby Lobby faux leather ribbon. I’ve learned many hacks for improving the success rate of my faux leather Hobby Lobby faux leather ribbon cuts.

If you’re ready throw your hands up and walk away from making earrings, don’t do it just yet. Check out the Cricut How To’s in this DIY earring video which I hope can help you reach some success.

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Basic Earring Supplies (including mentions in the video):

Favorite Faux Leather Etsy Shops:
Art of Fabric:
Pink Antler:
Beans & Peanuts:
LBJ Jewelry Supply:
Leather AA:

Leather Scissors:
Gold Hooks:
Cricut Air:
Cricut Maker:
Cricut Easy Press (to apply HTV):
Cricut Easy Press Mat:
Leather Bundle: Leather & deep cut blade –
Deep Cut Blade:
Earring making kit:
Cricut deep cut blade:
Leather scrap kit:
Purple strong grip mat:
Green standard grip mats:
Leather Punch (smaller holes):
Leather Punch:
Basic Cricut Tools:
Earring backs:
Fabric Glue:
Leather Smoother (edges):
Toothpicks for leather smoother:
Heat and Bond:
Cricut Brayer: