Cricut mats are an essential item that you need when undertaking your crafting projects. Often they come in different materials like vinyl, and they help in protecting your surfaces and floors. Over time, the Cricut tends to wear out, getting cuts and marks that hinder the project’s continuation. This forces you to clean the mat to get a more precise and impeccable outcome of the project.

Additionally, the mats’ cleaning process is straightforward since there are no additional, expensive materials required. This allows it to be quickly done at home or wherever the project is undergoing. It is very salient to understand the fabric of the mat to use the proper cleaning method. Here are some of the top ways on how to clean a Cricut mat.

Clear the mat

Often the mat is filled with different debris from your project. In cases where the project required knife blades, many pieces tend to remain on the mat. As the first step, it is essential to clear up the carpet by removing the remains on the mat through tweezers or whipping the rug outside to remove particles. It is one method of light cleaning the mat. It allows the surface of the carpet to remain neat.

Additionally, when you are cleaning the mat through this method, it is imperative to note that some will get more in-depth when you try scrapping the material, which will make the cleaning process challenging. It would be best if you also cleared the place where the machine is placed; hence, it is vital to remove the plastic scraper and ensure that the surface is clean.

Select the material to use to clean.

As mentioned before, different materials are cleaned differently; for example, vinyl, since it is stuck on the ground and top of surfaces, will not be cleaned in the same manner as a portable one. Therefore, it is significant to identify the cleaning products that work well on the material.

Baby wipes

It is one of the commonly used materials for cleaning the mat. Baby wipes have been selected exclusively because of the low alcohol-based content and have no harsh perfumes. Additionally, they are slightly wet; hence, they are used to clean the mat. The smooth texture enables it to be the most favorable to wipe the mat leaving it intact.

The wipes are a good selection because they prevent the mat from losing adhesiveness. When cleaning the rug, you should wipe it from one direction to another. It maintains the state of the cutting mat and also allows everything to be streamlined.

Lint remover

It is prominent to know that different materials remain on the Cricut mat; therefore, it is vital to have a roller. The lint roller allows you to remove the particles that have been resisting to move from the mat. This is due to its ability to collect even fabric from a surface. It is efficient since it allows the mat to remain in optimal condition.

Water and detergent

Detergents range from soap to other powdered washing agents. This is one of the prevalent methods that is used during cleaning. Soap and water are not regular processes that you can do daily on the mat since they may lose adhesiveness, and the reapplication process might be tiresome. This method is straightforward to use; first, you should soak the mat for 10 minutes to remove any dirt that had stuck. You should ensure that the water is filled with detergents.

After removing it from the water, you can gently brush off the materials that are still stuck on the mat in a circular motion while rinsing it off in the water. It is not paramount to use a brush as it depends on the material. Otherwise, you can use a sponge suitable for materials such as vinyl and leaves the mat unscathed.

Magic eraser

It is one of the most direct items to use while cleaning the mat. First, you should spray a generous amount of the solution onto the mat. Ensure that it is enough to allow the process to be fast and efficient. The fluid should rest on the mat for close to 10 minutes. This allows the water to unstick all the particles making it easier to remove them using a sponge. Using a loofah, you can begin removing all the materials that had stuck on the mat.

After cleaning it with the solution, you should run some warm water on the mat to ensure that all the materials have been removed.

Air dry

After cleaning the mat, it is essential to let it dry; when you are done washing it, you can dry it with a towel. After that, it is crucial to let stay outside until it is scorched. This allows it to regain its adhesive nature. Moreover, it eases the reapplication process once it is ready.

After the cleaning process, we need to guide how to reinstall the mat. It is one of the critical methods because the mat might have lost the stickiness.

Choose the suitable adhesive for your mat

Different mats require different kinds of adhesive spray or stick. Before purchasing it, it is critical to read through the ingredients to ensure you have selected the correct one. This prevents damaging of the mat and efficient application of the substance for easy resticking.

Steps to implement

After the cutting mat is dry, you can now remove it and prepare it for reapplication. Place the Cricut mat steadily on the surface and ensure that it is well held. You can reinforce this by the use of masking tape. You need to remove any sticky patches on the mat to allow an even application of the adhesive spray. After the mat is clear, use an alcohol solution to apply the undercoat for the adhesive. This prepares a well-leveled platform before the glue is applied.

Apply the adhesive spray gently on the mat using a sticky scapula; always ensure a substantial amount of it is on the mat. Spread the spray sufficiently on the mat, ensuring there is no place that is unapplied. Finally, let the mat rest for 20 minutes to allow the adhesive to settle well on the mat.

To wrap it up

Taking care of your mat is very vital in ensuring the cutting precisions are top-notch. The Cricut is a fundamental tool that requires constant maintenance, and through these simple steps, you will be able to have a well maintained cutting mat. Moreover, it is essential to remember to restick the mat after cleaning; this allows it to appear new and saves you money for a replacement.