If you are thinking of buying a used Cricut or other personal die cut machine to save money, you are in luck. As scrapbookers and paper crafters upgrade and buy newer models, there are many older models that are available for sale on sites such as eBay and CraigsList. Many times, these older models are in excellent condition, and can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of buying new, a thrifty bargain for those looking to save money in these tough economic times.

However, before you plunk down your hard-earned cash to buy a used personal die cutter, there are a few things that you should ask the seller to make sure that you are actually getting a good deal:

1. Does the machine have any known defects?

Even if the item description does not state the existence of defects, it is a good idea to get direct verification from the seller. When asked directly, the seller may be more inclined to fully disclose the condition of the machine.

2. Is the seller willing to provide a short-term warranty?

If the seller asserts that the machine is in excellent operating condition, find out if they would be willing to provide a short-term warranty, such as one for thirty days. This shows that the seller is willing to stand behind their product, and gives you the opportunity to test it out to verify that it is indeed defect-free.

3. What accessories are included with the machine?

Find out what accessories are included, and the condition of those accessories. For example, if you purchase the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter new in the store, the following add-ons would be included: George cartridge, cutting mat, cutting housing and blade, cord, USB cable, and instruction manual. If these items are not included, the cost of replacing them should be factored into your total expense.

4. What are the shipping costs?

If you are purchasing a used personal die cut machine from a local seller, this may not be a concern. However, if the seller is shipping the machine to you, make sure that the shipping and handling costs are reasonable and affordable.

5. Will the seller provide shipping insurance?

Shipping insurance is relatively inexpensive, but for a product that can potentially be damaged in the shipping process, it is good practice to have the carrier service, such as USPS, UPS, and Fed Ex, provide insurance, in the event that the item is damaged during shipping.

Final Thoughts…

Purchasing a used die cutter can be a great way to save money. As long as you have an open line of communication with the seller, and take the necessary steps to protect your investment.